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Frozen food

Ruinemans Group, the wholesaler for frozen fish food. We do not supply our products to private individuals, but worldwide directly to pet shops or other companies active in the pet industry.
With a wide range of 20 types of frozen fish food including the popular Red mosquito larvae , Artemia and Topical Quintet .

Frozen food

Why frozen fish food?
Frozen fish food is produced with fresh ingredients such as fish, turkey heart, mosquito larvae, shellfish and plankton. The catch is immediately frozen and packed in handy portion packs. This gives your fish healthy, fresh quality feed without the smell and discomfort of 'real' food.

Types of frozen fish food for the aquarium
The frozen fish food we supply is Ruto fish food, which we are also the producer of. This means that we process fresh ingredients in handy blister packs and flat packs. There are many different types of frozen fish food. Each type of tropical aquarium fish [link] needs a different type of fish food. That depends, for example, on the way of oxygen transfer in the blood, but the way of reproduction and digestion can also differ in many cases. A requirement is a food type that is suitable for the fish in your aquarium.
Some popular types are:
1. Red mosquito larvae
2. Artemia
4. Daphnia

Buy frozen fish food?
Private individuals can go to the pet shop in your area. Are you active in the pet industry? Then you can buy frozen fish food for the aquarium directly from us via the internet, by telephone or by e-mail. Not yet a Ruinemans customer? Then register here .

Producer of frozen fish food for more than 45 years
We regularly test the quality of the products for contaminated components and pathogens. Only fresh ingredients are used, which are immediately frozen so that it retains its nutritional values and taste.

Ruto Formula Food
In addition to the production of single ingredients, we also provide various balanced mixes of nutrition. A variation of ingredients to create a balanced mix called Ruto Formula Food. Some popular mixes are Special Mix and Cichlid Mix .

Ruinemans Group Supplier of Live Ornamental Fish & Animal-Food and Supplies
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