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Aquarium fish

Ruinemans Group, the wholesaler for tropical aquarium fish. We do not deliver to private individuals, but directly to pet shops worldwide. With a wide range of 1000 species including the popular tropical aquarium fish Cardinal Tetra , Algae Eater and Guppy .

Aquarium fish

What is a tropical aquarium fish?
They only occur in warmer waters and can be recognized by the distinct colors and shapes. The tropical freshwater fish can be found in all water layers. It is important to take into account the combination of different species in terms of behavior and territoriality. The same also applies to the space and design of the aquarium.

Tropical aquarium fish species?
There are many types of tropical aquarium fish. There is an infinite amount of variation possible and we have a choice of more than 1000 types. The top 10 most popular tropical aquarium fish are:
1. Paracheidoron Axelrodi , Cardinal Tetra
2. Poecilia Reticulata , Guppies
3. Carassius Auratus , Veiltail
4. Cardina Multidentata , Shrimp
5. Xiphophorus Maculatus , Platy
6. Corydoras , Armored Catfish
7. Ancistrus , Algae Eater
8. Hemmigrammus Bleheri , Redhead Salmon
9. Pterophyllum , Angelfish
10. Poecilia sphenops , Molly

Buy tropical aquarium fish?
Private individuals can go to the pet shop in your area. Are you active in the pet industry? Then you buy directly from us via the internet, telephone or by visiting us by means of an appointment at the location in Montfoort. Not a Ruinemans customer yet? Then register here .

Quality tropical aquarium fish
We maintain a strict quality standard, so that we can give you the best quality and service. We guarantee the quality through continuous supervision of our fish by a veterinarian and conduct research to deliver the best quality. In the unlikely event that something is not right in your opinion, please contact us immediately and we will look for a good solution together.

Ruinemans Group Supplier of Live Ornamental Fish & Animal-Food and Supplies
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