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In 1983 Mr. Ruinemans wanted to secure the import of South American fish for our facilty in the Netherlands and started a holding facilty in Miami, Florida. From here we still supply our mother company in Holland but also supply the wholesale- and retail trade across the USA and Canada. We source our fish from our own collecting station at Manaus, Brazil and most South American countries. Furthermore, we built up a close relationship with breeders and the wholesale trade.

To enable us to supply the quality and service our customers demand, we use a capacity of more than 600 aquaria totaling more than 40,000 gallons of carefully treated water. Here we take care for the optimum condition of the fish during transit and quarantine periods, until they meet our highest quality standards, before we sell them onwards.  Fish are never transshipped.  Our staff includes an experienced veterinarian, specialized in fish diseases.

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